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How to link to

If you would like to link to online UK shopping directory from your own site, we would be delighted to receive your link and reciprocate it. Here's all you need to do:
  • Create a link on your site to The Shop Web (see linking code below)
  • Once you have created a link let us know the address of the page the link appears (using the form below).
  • When we have confirmed the link to us from you we will add a link back to you then inform you where on our site we have placed the link to you.

Please note:
DO NOT request a link to your site before adding a link to theshopweb to your site. Any link request we receive from sites who have not added a link to theshopweb first are ignored.


To create a text link from your site to home page, simply copy the code below:


If you wish to place a small banner link on your site you may use one of the banners below. To do this just right click one of the banners below and save to your files then add it to your site. Then simply link the banner to




Let us know where you have placed our link. Once we have confirmed your link we will reciprocate it with a link back to your site. (Please include the full address of the exact page on which you place a link to us)
Required Fields marked with (*)
*Your Name

*Your Email Address

*Your Website Name

*Description Of Your Website

*Full address of the page where you have placed a link to us

NOTE: Links back to you are not added automatically. As this is a family website we will review the content of your site before adding it to our list of recommended sites. If your site is suitable for family viewing and is complementary to the content of theshopweb it will be added once reviewed. We try to deal with link requests within 24 hours but as this is a very busy site and we receive numerous link requests it can take up to 7 days during busy periods to review sites and add links, so bare with us. Thanks.

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