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Weight Loss & Dieting Online:

If you want to loss weight but are not keen on attending a weight watchers club then an online weight loss diet is ideal for you. The two most popular online weight loss plans are from Weight Watchers and the GI diet from eDiets. Both offer you everything you need to start losing weight. You will find interactive tools, help and advice with your diet so you can easily manage your food choices and activities. Plus they offer 100s of delicious recipes....
Weight Watchers5 out of 5secureWeight Watchers
Switch is Weight Watchers new online weight loss diet plan, Switch is a truly flexible weight loss plan where you can choose the changes that work for you. Switch helps you make small changes to your life, which mean big changes to your weight. Weight Watchers is recognised as a safe, healthy and proven way to take control and reach your weight loss goals.
Tesco eDiets5 out of 5secureTesco eDiets Gi Diet
Tesco eDiets offer you a free diet profile. Simply complete there online form to get your free diet profile. With a personalised diet programme from Tesco eDiets, you have the convenience and privacy of receiving individualised diet information, tools and resources for successful weight loss through your PC. Tesco eDiets provides you with advice, motivation and support in a friendly and completely anonymous setting.
eDiets5 out of 5secureeDiets Gi Diet
Have you tried other diets and failed then check out the GI Diet from eDiets. If you want to lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived of food, this could be the diet plan for you. Using the Glycaemic Index (GI) as a guide, this plan doesn't exclude food groups it takes the best fats, carbohydrates and proteins and offers you a plan that will help you banish cravings, lose weight and improve your health, all while eating satisfying foods.
Online Slimming Club5 out of 5secureOnline Slimming Club
The Online Slimming Club offer you everything that a local slimming club provides plus much more, but without the time, expense, the travel and the dreaded embarrassing public weigh in. The Online Slimming Club will help you reach and maintain the target weight you are comfortable with, in a private, stress free personal way. Visit their site for a free online diet profile.

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